The New Superfood: Moringa

A new superfood has entered the US market, and it is called moringa. Yahoo just released an article on 7 healthy new superfoods and guess which one is at number 1?

Moringa has landed American shores in a form of a powder since it is mostly grown around humid places in Asia and Africa only. I got my hands on the powder from Kuli Kuli and started mixing it in my smoothies, soup and putting a dash on anything I cook, really. It is now one of my staple superfoods besides from matcha powder- both of which have the same look and texture but taste different. Moringa is grassier, while matcha (in its original form, no sugar added) is more bitter.

Fresh apple, carrot, cucumber juice with moringa powder

My staple superfoods: moringa (left), matcha (right)

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