Where to Go on a First Date in San Francisco?

I was asked this question when I was talking about my blog to a co-worker, who is new to the city and in the dating market, a few weeks ago. Per his request, here is my hit list:

1. The coffee shop is the default first date spot. You can sip slowly if you like your date or chug your drink if you want the date to end it as soon as possible. Because San Francisco has many neighborhood cafes that, whether we like it or not, speaks volumes of who goes to a particular cafe (i.e. the hippie, the yuppie, the startup guy/gal, the coffee snob, etc.), choose wisely. My picks include the following (coffee chains excluded):
a. Sightglass in SOMA
b. Saint Frank in Russian Hill
c. Jane in Pacific Heights
d. The Station or Reveille Cafe in North Beach
e. Four Barrel in the Mission
f. The Mill in Alamo Square


2. Chocolate/dessert shops. Whoever picks such a location is a sweet tooth My picks are B. Patisserie and Dandelion Chocolate during the day time and Candybar during the night time. Check out more options on my article on Top 5 Dessert Shops in San Francisco.

3. There are only a few high-tea shops to choose from in the city: Lovejoy, Samovar or Leland.

4. A much more sophisticated version of a sports bar or brewery is a wine lounge where you can calm your nerves with a glass of wine in hand. The city has many to choose from.

5. Oh, how come no one ever brings up Bubble Tea as a place to go on a date? The same concept applies compared to going to a cafe- Sip slow (date is good) or sip fast (date is bad). Here's my top picks

What's your favorite first date spot?

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