Family Dining at Dragon Beaux

'Tis the season to celebrate with good friends and family. The few-months old Dragon Beaux is the perfect spot for those long, hearty meals with loved ones. With its myriad of selections of dimsum, hotpot and classic Cantonese dishes and expansive location along Geary Boulevard, you will leave with a happy tummy and the latest family gossips. Our group didn't have to wait for a table, but just ensure to have someone wait in line, especially during peak dining hours.

My sister banned me from ordering my Chinese go-to dish, shrimp honey walnut, but we feasted on more than the pictures below. My favorite was the shrimp dumpling (top left) and the salted egg fried rice (not on photo). 

Everything was well-seasoned with distinct flavors. The pickled cucumber had a sweet and tangy Chinese soy sauce kick to it, while the sea bass (not on photo) with celery and mushrooms melted in my mouth. The watery celery balanced out the saltiness of the fish. 

There are only a few Chinese restaurants in San Francisco that can execute Cantonese food really well. I've added Dragon Beaux to that list along with R&G Lounge and Hong Kong Lounge.

Some of my dishes at Dragon Beaux.
For me, the end of the year also means reading my Chinese horoscope for 2016, the Year of the Monkey. Luckily, it's all positive for the cuddly Year of the Pig like yours truly. You can expect more intense gastronomic (mis)adventures next year! 

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