The New Way of Snacking

Which one to eat first?
I eat 5 times a day because I become really moody when I get hungry. Thus, I'm a religious snacker. 

Now, there is a new way to get healthier knickknacks according to my preferences with Graze. After going through a long questionnaire, my free trial box made its way to my door. I got four different snacks and gobbled them in less than 2 days. My favorite was the tiny rice crackers with sweet chili sauce, which reminded of Japanese rice crackers minus the seaweed. For the health conscious out there, the card that comes with the box has all the nutrition information for each snack. If you have little ones at home, this is the another way you can feed them different healthy snacks everyday.

Want to try Graze? Unlock your first box for free using code: T9X7KK6FB.

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