UPDATED: How to Request for a Hotel Media Rate?

Updated on March 2024: Many readers have taken advantage of this email template and so have I (some successful media collaborations using this template are here for hotels and here for travel agencies). You can download it here for $10. As always, please be kind and respectful when requesting media collaborations.  

One of the biggest regrets in my career as a blogger is that I didn't utilize hotel/travel media rates earlier on. I just started doing it a few years ago after ten years of blogging. Just imagine how much I would have saved on my previous hotel stays if I actually took the time to understand what the best way is to request for a media rate and pitch myself.

I don't want you to make the same mistake as I did. One of the perks of travel blogging is not only getting your adventure story out to online readers but also obtain discounts and even freebies to places that you'd like to stay at. Here are five techniques to employ when asking for a media rate:

1. Understand the blogging landscape of the city: Some cities or countries are open to collaborating with bloggers because they are lesser-known or are up-and-coming, such as Calgary in Canada and Siargao in the Philippines - both of which I had a successful inquiry. Towns that already attract many tourists and don't have a problem doing so, such as Cancun, would be more discerning of a blogger's media kit and the number of followers.

2. Research the type of hotel: Big chain hotels work with PR agencies that set the bar really high so be prepared to show thousands of followers on your social and your blog. I have discovered that boutique hotels or even mom-and-pop run hotels are easier and more responsive when inquiring about a media rate since my email most likely goes directly to the general manager or, sometimes, the owner.

3. Quantity rules: The more inquiries you send, the higher your chances of getting a hotel to offer you that elusive media rate.

4. Time yourself: Inquiring two months in advance than doing it at the very last minute when rooms are already booked is better, so plan ahead of time. If you're inquiring for a stay during peak seasons, such as holidays and summer, don't expect too much though.

5. Be relevant: Even though I have used an email template over and over again, I always mention why a particular hotel will be a good match for my tourism purposes whether it is about their location, on-site activities, or restaurant. You must show that you have actually researched about the hotel and not blasted out a generic request form to the masses. 

Tip: The average media rate discount is around 20%. All it takes is your time to send email inquiries and use a tried and tested email template, such as the one I've used below.  

To get the email template that gave me positive results, simply download it here. All I ask is for a nominal $10 fee since I've tweaked it many, many times before achieving the results I wanted.

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