The Most Expensive High Tea at the Burj Al Arab

With a price tag of 620 AED (about $170), this is the most expensive high tea I have ever spent on. So please, before you read and drool on this blog, please have that in your mind that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (or more if you have the budget to do so) with the extra perks that come with the access to the iconic, sail-shaped building along the Arabian Sea, the Burj Al Arab.

Let's High Tea at the Burj Al Arab
If you haven't had a high tea experience in your life, you might not appreciate the unlimited teas and other beverages paired with dainty, finger-sized scones, sandwiches and desserts. If so, please do yourself a favor by going to your local high tea shop so you understand what high tea 101 means. One of the best places to educate yourself is, of course, in the UK, such as the one I did in York.

High Tea 201
Know Before You Go
Booking is required in advance. To get the ultimate Burj Al Arab experience, ensure that you book the 4 pm slot high tea at  Tea at the Skyview Bar at the top floor and NOT at the Sahn Eddar, which is at the base of the building. The 4 pm slot is crucial because you will be greeted with the sun setting over the Arabian sea on one side of the restaurant, while the dazzling lights of Dubai's downtown start to twinkle. 
Skyview Bar with blues and greens.
Once You Get There
Plan to arrive an hour earlier because you'll have many photo opportunities right outside of the building and then inside the Burj Al Arab's glamorous lobby and fountain. Find your way to the Al Mahara underwater restaurant, which is a must see! On the same floor, you can also get out to the swimming pool area. 

The view right outside of the hotel entrance.
Doesn't suit my taste buds but what a wonder to look at with a dancing fountain to boot.
Underwater? Or aquarium? At the Al Mahara on iPhone 7s.
What I love about the Burj Al Arab is that they don't have any qualms on hotel residents and guests taking pictures and selfies. So click away! 

Check-in at the ground level for your high tea. After a few minutes, you'll be whisked up on another lavishly decorated elevator so have your video cameras ready. 

Once You are Seated
Soak in the views- we were seated by the window with an ocean view. Don't be shy to take selfies. I must commend the waitstaff who are all generous in taking our photos as well. After all, when all is said and done, your photos will be your best momentos.

Savor the moment and take your time. Rest (from eating), if you must. However, don't leave early! I saw some patrons who left only an hour after high tea started, and they missed out on the amazing sunset view before 7 pm. To kill time, I watched some jet skiers do some tricks on the water and enjoyed listening to a live harpist. 

Watching the boats and jet skis while resting.
Don't forget to use the bathroom. Take more photos! 
Spot the Hermes lotion and perfume in the restroom. Use it!
What you'll get: 
1 glass of champagne and unlimited tea, coffee and juice. I was able to try 4 different teas and an iced coffee. Plus a rose and birthday cake (for me!).

Started off with a light mousse. 
Vegetarian quiche. Can I have seconds, please?

Palette cleanser

Loving the boat-shaped serving tray!

Pastries with dates.
Advance HBD to me!

Once High Tea is Finished
Don't jet out of the building just yet. As the dust settles, make your way back to the ground floor and the outdoor bar/lounge. This is the time the sailboat structure shines in multi-colored hues. You can also take a break from eating and chill at the hookah lounge or any of the available seats. I find that the staff is not pushy in making you order something. 

Walking Out
While it is very tempting to hop into one of the cabs right outside of the entrance, burn some calories on the pathway leading you back to real life. Half way out is the best spot to take a vertical photo of the Burj Al Arab.


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