The Mystique of Abu Dhabi

Taking a day trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai was actually easier than I thought. For many who haven't been to the Middle East, Abu Dhabi is not a top-of-mind tourist destination. 

Just an hour away by bus from Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a certain mystique that its sister city, Dubai, lacks. The glitz and glamour of Dubai's high-rises and sprawling malls are gone so prepare to soak in a slightly conservative culture and classic architecture of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. 

After taking a bus from Dubai, I alighted at the main bus terminal in Abu Dhabi. From there, I hailed a cab to go to the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to start my day trip in the city.

Tip: Check the day and opening times when you are going to the mosque as it varies. Don't forget to either cover yourself from head to toe if you are a woman or you can borrow a long dress once you get there, but it is not pretty on photos and can get really hot.

Architecture at its best.
Took this while sitting on the floor but got called out by the security guard! 
Flower mosaics decorate the gigantic columns.

Flower mosaics also on the tiled floors.
Could hear the prayers by the time we left. 
With another short cab ride, I found myself at the Ferrari World. It feels weird to find a Ferrari theme park in the middle of this city, but it does provide some relief from the extreme heat from the mosque and entertainment for the youngsters. You also get bragging rights once you ride the fastest roller coaster in the world!

Outside the park is also surrounded with myriad of restaurant and souvenir options so you can fill your tummy before heading out to your next destination.

Tip: Food and shopping are generally cheaper in Abu Dhabi. 

The last pitstop is another iconic landmark in the city- the luxury hotel Emirates Palace. The interiors showcase Arabic design and architecture. Soak in the lavish interiors as well as the night views outside of the main entrance with manicured garden and fountain to boot.

Don't forget to check the last bus going to Dubai so you won't end up stranded in Abu Dhabi.

Bathroom fixtures are one-of-a-kind.
Night views of Abu Dhabi's high-rise buildings.
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