Best Fried Chicken in San Francisco

I have a love/hate relationship with fried chicken. When it is bad, it is really bad. But when it is good, it is really finger-licking good. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I went on a mission to find the best fried chicken in the city. Some came in a sando, others with a waffle. Undoubtedly, those that came with a Californian fusion twist stood out from the pack. 

1. Brenda's - This well-loved New Orleans joint in the Tenderloin still does fried chicken with biscuits like how I remembered it when I first visited them two years ago. The coleslaw helps in cleansing the palette from the oily but oh so heavenly fried chicken.

A complete meal with biscuits and coleslaw.
2. Farmhouse Kitchen - This bustling Thai establishment, which I first reported about here, makes fried chicken with a sweet and tangy curry sauce. This dish is best enjoyed with a group of friends so you can also try a few other entrees in one sitting, most especially their showstopper dessert platter.

Fried chicken with curry sauce. 
3. Proposition Chicken - Forget about your neighborhood KFC for once. Upscale fast food is a trend in the city that has not yet died down. The crispy chicken sandwich with potato chips from Proposition Chicken is not to be missed. Add dashes of their different types of hot sauce to give it a spicy kick!
Fried chicken sandwich with home-made chips!
4. I really wanted to add chicken and waffles on the fourth bucket but couldn't find any that is better than Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland.

I will add more as I continue my search for the best fried chicken in the city.  I do wish that I can attend a fried chicken party again so I can try everything all at once!

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