Thompson Hotel, Toronto: Chic, Convenient, Contemporary

The triple Cs- chic, convenient and contemporary- of the hotel economy are hard to come by, but the Thompson Hotel in Toronto definitely fits the bill. There are only a few hotels that can turn its vibe from quaint mornings to happening night affairs without hassling its guests and residences. You see, the Thompson is not only known for its rooftop parties, especially during Fridays and Saturdays, but also it is a perfect resting spot for weary business travelers. I was lucky since even after a long day at the office on a weekday, I was able to wind down (ahem, crash at an exclusive party) at the rooftop and soak in the dazzling night lights of Toronto with my favorite cocktail on hand.

Rooftop view
Plushed bed just right for my aching back.
I'm always wary of party hotels being too loud when I retire to my room. However at the Thompson, I didn't have to wait for the revelry to die down. Even though I got a room facing the street, I didn't find it noisy at night and woke up excited to start my day at the Thompson Diner, also known for its late-night eats, on the ground level. 

Behold, the best thing about their diner happens to be my all-time favorite for brunch, chicken and waffles. Besides from being (almost) a professional matcha taster, I also take pride in my hunt for the best fried chicken. I love their chicken and waffles so much that I ordered it twice in my weeklong stay at the Thompson - it is rare for me to do a repeat performance when it comes to food choices.
Can you smell that fried chicken crunchy goodness? The spicy aioli adds in that much needed morning kick!
During the quieter lounge hours, my comrades and I took groupfies because those sleek black and yellow pops of color were calling our names for photo opportunities. 
The lounge without any party looks cool with pops of yellow.
Love that yellow sofa. Can I take it home?
I cannot stress enough the central location of the Thompson in downtown Toronto. I was not only able to see and go to where I was supposed to be at, but also I was able to squeeze in some summertime exploration - the cherry blossoms in the eastern part of the city at High Park, the blooming tulips on the opposite side at St. James Park, and of course, a visit to Toronto is never complete without stopping by at my favorite matcha cafe, Tsujiri
Til we meet again, Thompson!

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