Toronto, I'm Matcha Crazy for You

Two of the green superfoods I have inside my cupboard are moringa and matcha powder, sourced directly from Taipei! I was certainly surprised to learn when I flew out to Toronto that this North American city is matcha crazy. They even have two matcha shops- Tsujiri and Uncle Tetsu's- just a block from each other. 

Matcha Heaven
Once I stepped inside Tsujiri, I was in matcha heaven. I wanted everything on the menu. And I mean, everything! But since I had limited Canadian dollar cash with me, my buddy and I had to settle for a Tsujiri iced latte (not in photo) and a float, which is more photogenic. Both of these have set a very high standard for my matcha dreams from then on. It's not too sweet yet not too bitter with just the right amount of matcha goodness. Ironically, we ended up bringing these to the Starbucks across the street to sit down with the family and use the free wifi. FYI, the only thing I buy at Starbucks is their matcha latte.  

Tsujiri float
I'm in matcha heaven. Must franchise this to San Francisco right now. I will be the first customer in line.
Window decor so enticing.
Read to learn about the benefits of matcha.
Snacks with a hint of matcha so you don't feel guilty eating them.
Houjicha roll. Pairs well with the latte.
Matcha crazy for you. 
The Matcha War Continues
Continuing my matcha journey is the world renown institution, Uncle Tetsu's. Yes, they are fighting tooth and nail with Tsujiri down the block, but what they are really popular for is their Japanese cheesecake. After getting a box of cheesecake, I also bought some matcha madeleines with red bean to share. I am not a big fan of madeleines to begin with, but I'm a huge fan of matcha and red bean. With these two ingredients together, you can't really go wrong.

Matcha everywhere!
Choose wisely.
Matcha madeleine it is!
We were at the shop a few days after Canada Day! 
Cute bag!
Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake so fluffy. This might not be the best Japanese cheesecake of all time but have to give it to their cute branding on the cheesecake itself.
Til we meet again, Toronto!
Even with these two shops just a stone throw from each other, there were long lines, which moved quickly, at each location. So far, the city of Toronto has gotten it right promoting these matcha shops. I even got a copy of an English/Japanese local magazine that featured all the matcha shops in town.

I don't understand why no matcha shop has landed in San Francisco shores, a city which has similar foodie habits compared to Toronto. Hint: Both businesses are open for franchising. 

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  1. I'm planning a trip to Toronto in the near future, but I don't know that much about it! I'm pinning this to return to for when we start planning our trip :)


    1. Hi Lola,
      This was also my first trip to Toronto, and I'm writing a series of blog posts about it. If you like wines, you should definitely check out the vineyards at Niagara-on-the-lake as well: