Let's Paint the Town Black and Gold

Who knew spring's gloomy weather can bring out the best color combinations - black and gold! During a weekend full of errands, I spiced up my athleisure wear with a unisex tote bag from Simitri Designs, where I put in an extra jacket to layer on and could also fit a small laptop.  

Is it Spring yet?
What I love the most about this open top tote is the hand embroidered tiger sequins. The gold, silver and black accents are so fierce and even match my adorable shiba, Truffle, who was in tow for this shoot. 

The chain shoulder strap also comes in handy when my hands are full and I have a stubborn pet who I need to keep up with.

I've got matching jacket and accessories - bag and puppy who wasn't cooperating for the day. 
#BTS. The little one wanted to join in the fun to celebrate National Puppy's Day and thought she is still small enough to fit in the tote! 
I want to spread the golden love with a 10% off on Simitri Designs using code 'Christine.' Lots of unique pieces to choose from for day or night use!

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