On the Move @ Ice Cream Bar, San Francisco

The Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley, San Francisco might be off the beaten path for many city dwellers, but believe me when I say that it is worth the trek! The quaint ice cream shop takes one back to the 30s- they even have their young employees dressed up from way back when. With ingredients such as rhubarb, acid phosphate and lactart, expect some unique tasting tall soda fountain plus ice cream all-in-one. My palette favored the fruity and refreshingly light Bonne Vie No. 2, which includes pink grapefruit, turbinado syrup, citric acid, basil ice cream, and fresh basil, while the partner-in-crime, sssourabh, of course, salivated on the chocolate filled float.

Tip: Ask the ice cream guy/mixologist at the back of the shop to customize your ice cream soda.

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