Best of Rio (& Cusco): What to Drink?

It is the weekend thus time to drink and be merry. Two weekends before my favorite holiday of the year!!

If Peru has the Pisco Sour (and of course the addictive coca tea), Brazil has the Caipirinha, the national cocktail, made up mostly of cachaca (or you can also choose to use vodka).  Reminds me of a very strong mojito.

Pisco Sour of Peru

The best lime Caipirinha I had was actually in one of the kilo restaurants/buffet in the quiet town of Iguassu- goes to show that living in the slower-paced province has its perks. Meticulously squeezed and grounded fresh lime is the trick of the trade.


To get educated on the different types of Cachaca, head over to Rio's Academia da Cachaca (pronounced as ka-sha-sa), which also lands on one of the Top 10 places to drink in Rio. Warning: don't be fooled by the small shot glass - it is deadly! 

Getting educated on Cachaca

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