On the Move @ Mission Beach Cafe, San Francisco

It has taken me years (yes, years!!! even though I've lived in SF for 8 years) to visit Mission Beach Cafe. Friends have warned me that the wait for this popular brunch spot is more than an hour.

One fine Sunday morning, all the stars aligned. Parking was a breeze having found a spot half a block away. Then from the moment I wrote my name on the waiting list board hanging by the door, I only waited 20 minutes. I invited 3 other morning buddies and planned for a 9:30 am meeting time. When I saw them across the street, I immediately stood in front of the entrance where one of the staff was calling out for the next group to be seated. The cafe will not sit anyone if the whole party has not arrived. Therefore, the strategy to cut down waiting time is to go early, preferably on the second seating of the day (they open at 9 am on Sunday), and hope against hope that those who are listed in front of you are still waiting for their friends. Another tip: invite folks who are early weekend risers. 

The food and service were all top notch as expected. The much Yelp-ed about French Toast was easily demolished. Wonder what their secret sauce is?

Now, it is time for another refresh of my list of Best Brunches in San Francisco. Those listed in this article, specifically Central Kitchen, Park Tavern and Nopa all take reservations so you know where to take friends who are always late and can't make an early morning call time :)

Top: Dungeness crab and shrimp benedict| Bottom L: Egg scramble; R: Beef hash

Must get the French Toast!
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