Brunching @ Fig, Santa Monica

Why is it that every time I dine with my partner-in-crime, I always have the most interesting restaurant experience. At Fig inside the swanky Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica, both service and food were excellent, except for the fact that we were seated beside a couple who were having a lover's quarrel. Yes, we overheard all of their drama, while the guy, who was obviously intoxicated, in his late 20s ate his food like a dog- diving face first without the use of utensils. While on his way out, he was pushing chairs around disturbing other patrons. Who does that? Only in Los Angeles, I must say! People watching at its finest. Of course, all of the waitstaff were embarrassed with the incident so they made sure we were well taken care of. 

We were trying to talk in a different language (to make remarks about our neighbor), but alas, both our Dutch failed on us!
Cheesy risotto with cauliflower.

We TRY to be healthy.

Because we are at a restaurant called Fig, might as well try their figs with stuffed cheese and nuts! Mmmm.

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