Food is a Luxury: La Toque, Napa

La Toque is probably the easiest to get reservations for a one-star Michelin restaurant in Napa Valley. Is it because they are not widely publicized as their other comrads in their league, such as Bouchon or even the three-star Meadowood? Or is it because foodies avoid restaurants located in a hotel? In La Toque's case, they are inside the Westin Napa Hotel. Nevertheless, if you are in the area and looking for high-end establishments and having a hard time booking your desired seating time at other restaurants, keep La Toque in mind. 

What I like the most about La Toque, aside from their excellent service and the ability to pick my own seating with bright lights for high quality food photos below, is that they have a friendly vegetarian, seafood and dessert lovers menu perfect for my dining partner, sssourabh, who's a vegetarian, and I. We actually ended up ordering three desserts to share after our chef's tasting meal to the amusement of our waitstaff. 

I forgot to take down notes about each dish (#foodbloggerprobs) so please excuse my short descriptions below. I promise to be more diligent next time.

Roe that pops in your mouth.

Part of the vegetarian menu.

Soft and succulent fish.


Pasta with beans

Another fish but I prefer the first one above.

He excels on this food blogger selfie pose.

For those who prefer fruity desserts.

For the chocolate lovers.

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