On the Move @ Outerlands, San Francisco

Switching gears for a moment after all the Valentines and Chinese New Year extravaganza...

A few months ago, I was able to visit the much talked about Outerlands, located in the Outer Sunset (yeah, the name matches the location). I hiked the Land's End trail before arriving at the Outerlands so I was starving.

The place was buzzing with patrons. After a 30 minute wait, I was finally able to order their popular grilled cheese and healthy soup of the day. For any grilled cheese, I really believe that it is all about the quality of the cheese and still found the Marin Melt, which I chowed down after a long Dip Sea Trail hike, from the Muir Woods cafeteria a cut above the rest.

What I love about Outerlands is the creative weathered-wood, enhancing the laid back vibe of this residential hot spot. 

Grilled cheese. Perfect for after-hike pick-me-up.
Veggie soup of the day. Hearty, healthy and home-made.
At the Land's End trail.

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