Hacking Hatchery

As reported on my Breakfast Biscuit recipe post, I recently received a free sample box from Hatchery. This subscription box business specializes in artisan ingredients. It is a great way to support local suppliers who don't mass produce their products.

My sample box filled with  ginger juice mix, nomad spice, red pepper jam, chai spice caramel and salad dressing.
I was so giddy like a kid unwrapping a Christmas present. Once I opened Hatchery's inviting maroon colored box, I was greeted with a handwritten Thank You note, a Tasting Guide and 5 individually wrapped items.

Thanks, Hatchery!
Expect the Unexpected
I was overwhelmed with all the new brands/companies, which I've never heard of before. So I took the time to carefully read each small-batch maker's story on the Tasting Guide, and then proceeded to try the homemade red pepper jam in a small bottle that somehow reminded me of my clotted cream adventures in England. Don't be fooled by its cute packaging because this jam is jam-packed with bursting savory flavors even with just one layer spread on to a buttermilk biscuit.

Yummy, indeed.
After gulping down the ginger juice mixed with tonic water, I popped open the chai spice caramel. I used it as a filling for macaron shells from DeLise. All I can say is that I'm really good at experimenting and ended up with chai-coffee-matcha macarons! I also used the same caramel to sweeten a matcha latte. 

Green and pink macaron smashed with chai spice.
Versatile chai caramel.
I'll update this post once I use the salad dressing and nomad mix. 

Disclosure: Hatchery affiliate links are used on this post. 

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