Why I Sold My DSLR and Opted for Mirrorless?

For those following the latest photography trends, the surge of mirrorless cameras started happening a few years ago. This year, all the big brand names launched new mirrorless cameras in the market that can actually compete with the quality of the tried and tested DSLRs.

nikon dslr
Goodbye dear DSLR!

What is a mirrorless camera?

If you still don't know what I'm talking about, a mirrorless camera is exactly what the terminology is. There is no mirror! According to PC Mag, the camera's body is thinner than a DSLR because it does not use a mechanical mirror to switch the scene between the optical viewfinder and image sensor. This also means that it can be built smaller and lighter than a DSLR.

Top 4 Reasons to Go Mirrorless
1. It is lightweight.
Recently, I sold all of my DSLR equipment, including my favorite mid-range 24-70 mm lens from Nikon. If you've followed my recent hiking adventures to Torres del Paine in Patagonia or Table Mountain in Capetown on Instagram, it has been near to impossible for me to walk for hours with heavy camera equipment in tow. My aging back and knees have long called for traveling light.

2. It is small enough to use at upper scale restaurants.
I've had restaurant patrons stare at me even though I was using a smaller DSLR body with prime lens. With my current mirrorless setup, a Canon EOS M6 with a 22mm pancake lens, which is the equivalent of the 35mm prime lens for a DSLR, it becomes even smaller - about 4x the thickness of an iPhone 7+, so I'm hoping the stares will stop.

3. It doesn't attract the wrong crowd.
Have you ever seen other travelers carrying gigantic camera bags in a city where there is a large crowd? I've always tried to avoid using or even buying giant camera bags because I know with all the different places I go to, it usually sends the wrong message. (Yes, I know how it feels to be robbed while traveling!).  With a mirrorless camera plus an extra lens, it can fit inside a small to a medium-sized purse or backpack.

4. I want to get better at vlogging. 
If you think your favorite vlogger is carrying a professional video equipment, think again. They are most likely carrying a mirrorless camera with a display panel that turns into a selfie and a gorilla pod.

I'm all set for my next, great misadventure, which also involves hiking to one of my destinations hitlist, the Tiger's Nest. Wish me luck! 

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