On the Move @ Tao, Las Vegas

Tao at the Venetian in Las Vegas doesn't need any introduction. Whether for dining, drinking or partying, Tao has it all. I have visited the club before, but this time around, I had the chance to dine in with a big group. Our funny waitstaff took care of our order after we told him our dietary needs, and he even told us where to party since the club upstairs was closed for the next two days. Insider info at its best.

The food started coming... and the meal ended with a dessert platter with the biggest fortune cookie I have ever seen! What I loved the most are the sashimi and sushi rolls. Good thing we had so many folks on the table sharing the same enthusiasm as I have for fresh food from the sea.

sashimi, sushi, tuna- take your pick!

dumplings, seafood claypot, fried rice, noodles, orange chicken (also commendable)

the biggest fortune cookie I've ever seen! It is as tall as the drinking glass.

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