A Cup of Tea, Madam?

Betty's is a Yorkshire institution when it comes to high tea. This is a must visit for a first time visitor in the quaint town of York, England. Yes, it might be touristy. They might not have fancy porcelain cups one would expect. Our waitstaff was also not in his best mood.

For those with a bigger appetite, Betty's does serve some lunch entrees. Since my eating buddy and I was only craving for snacks, we opted for the soup of the day, a fresh tomato soup with a hint of basil, before diving into our full tea service. They might not have the best sandwiches and macarons, but come here to get their divine scones smothered with clotted cream paired with a pot of tea of your choosing.

Tip: If you're looking for Yorshire souvenirs, this is the place to get it. They have a separate retail space for all to-go goodies.
#funwithfood #blogherfood15 Oink!
This is not a Laduree, but the window display is enticing enough.
Lots of souvenirs to take home- from jams to teas.
Wished they served one of these during their tea service.
The view outside the window.
Simple teapots.
Fresh tomato soup to warm up the soul.
Eyeing for that scone! Simple white ceramics to compliment the tea service.
Sweets for dessert.
Short wait (~20 minutes) outside Betty's.
One of the souvenirs I could have taken home.

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