Simple Rules that will Help you to Match Any Food with Wine

Are you not sure what you want to take to the next family event? Maybe you are trying to find some food that goes really well with your Chinese, but you have no idea where to start. Either way, this guide will help you to make the best choices whenever you try and pair food with wine.
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Keep Food and Wine at the Same Level
When it comes to wine, you need to try and match it to the food. Food that is low in fat should be matched with a light wine and food that is heavier or richer lends itself well to a heavier white wine. Lightweight food such as fish or even poultry tend to be complimented well with delicate wine. A white wine may well be your instinctive choice but believe it or not, reds that are low in tannins can work a treat.

Match Intensity with Flavor
Did you know that food and wine flavors tend to complement each other nicely? Fish with a lemon sauce can easily be served with a pinot gris as they are both known for having citric flavors and this will help them to work very well together. Be sure to try and match your milder foods with mild wines too. If you have a big or a bold flavor, then pair it with a flavorful wine. For example, having a big and bold shiraz works well with a peppered steak.

Acidity is Everything
Wines that are high in acid, such as young Rieslings for example are often great if you want to cleanse your palate when eating oily foods. This could include Indian curries or sauces that are rich and buttery. If you are having a dish that is very vinegar-based or food that has a high acid content, then this is better paired with something crisp such as a pinot grigio. Wines from a cooler climate tend to have much more acidity when compared to wines that are from a hot climate as well. If you want to pair wine with cheese, then be mindful about mixing salt with tannins. Sauvignon Blanc is well balanced and works with feta cheese or olives. If you want a good cheese selection, then make sure that you check out Sorella Collective. You can also buy salty foods and have them enriched by a hint of sweetness from the wine. Think about it, ham and melon work well together for a very good reason. When looking at wine, you will see that Sauternes is a very sweet wine and it comes from the Bordeaux region. It is a very good match with Roquefort cheese but if you didn’t want to go down this route then you could easily opt to have a pinot gris from a very cool climate instead as this would work equally as well.

If you follow this guide, you will soon see that it is easier than ever for you to get the experience you want out of your food, and your wine.

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