Top 5 Dessert Shops in San Francisco

Updated: March 2016
I was inspired to write this post since I got a message from a professional contact, a newbie to the Bay Area, on LinkedIn recently commenting on how this blog has helped him get to know the city more. I didn't even know he reads my blog so it came as a surprise! (Hi!)

So without further ado, here are my top 5 picks for the best dessert shops in San Francisco in no particular order:
1. Le Marais: I am so happy that they have expanded next door. I drop by here whenever I'm in the neighborhood for their gateau.

2. DeLise: This little gem in North Beach hits the right spot with its bite-sized pastries and home-made gelato. My hands-down favorite is the green tea cupcake (because I love anything matcha) with a burst of red bean, and the Thai tea gelato.

3. Craftsman and Wolves: They have expanded down under in Los Angeles. Congratulations!

4. B. Patisserie: A hit or a miss if they still have inventory for the day when you get there. But once you do find yourself at B. Patisserie and they DO have pastries left, try multiple items, such as the chocolate vanilla choux below.

5. Dandelion Chocolate: Breath deeply when you enter Dandelion to suck in all that chocolate heavenly scent. Enjoy their iced or hot chocolate drinks. 

B. Patisserie's Chocolate Vanilla Choux with pate choux with sable, choco cremeux, chantilly, sable breton croutons, choco rice pearls
theLab (NOW CLOSED): I ogle at their science lab inspired interiors and ogle more at their root beer float, a rich smudge base of Recchiuti extra-bitter chocolate sauce layered with house-made vanilla ice cream, frothed milk and topped with Virgil's root beer! Mouthful, I know, but it tastes as good as it sounds.

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