Top 5 Gifts for the Travel Warrior

A travel enthusiast is probably one person who is harder to please when it comes to gifts. Most likely, that person enjoys more experiential gifts rather than material things. Since the gift-giving season is right around the corner, kindly remember that these travel warriors need necessities when they are off gallivanting in another foreign land. So here are my must-have picks of the season- all of which will not break the bank:

Hiking in Patagonia, Chile with a Guanaco.
1. Polarized sunnies
Unless you are traveling to somewhere the sun doesn't shine, a pair of polarized sunglasses is a must. I'm not fond of buying expensive, branded sunglasses because I usually break them or lose it while traveling, so a pair of affordable, fashionable and comfortable sunnies is always with me during my travels.

2. Mirrorless camera
My last post was all about why I switched to a mirrorless camera after many years of carrying a DSLR. Here are some reasons why a travel warrior would need one.

3. Hydration backpack
Thank me later! For those who are fond of hiking until hours on end, your life will depend on your water intake. The advantage of having a hydration backpack is that it is lighter and water is more accessible than if you were to bring a water bottle of your own.

4. Hiking shoes
There is a reason why a pair of hiking shoes is better than regular sneakers or gym shoes for walking on rough terrain. It provides better arch support and grip so you don't feel like slipping and falling anytime soon. Those aging back and knees will thank you.

5. Microfiber towel 
A microfiber towel is probably the last thing that you think about when traveling. It comes handy if you are planning to jump in lakes, pools and the great big ocean at any point of your travel. This type of towel is lightweight and dries out way faster than a regular cotton towel would.

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