Review: The PMS Package

Among all the subscription boxes out there, the PMS Package is the one that makes the most sense. Of course, women who have a regular cycle get a period every month. And every month, it is a struggle to get through those moody days. 

My red-orange package, which includes 12 items, came at the right time when I was on my second day of my period, and I was in dying need of chocolate! I received 4 types of chocolate - brownie, brittle, candy-coated and chocolate chip cookies. The spiced pumpkin candle definitely gave it a nice touch for the winter season since my sense of smell definitely gets more sensitive when on a period. I didn't have tummy cramps this time around so I will keep those midol tablets and heating pad in my medicine cabinet. A big thank you for the curation!

Some of the items, such as the body lotion and facial wipes, are a mismatch though to what I expected I would be getting since I have strict requirements for skincare. I also didn't understand what the cute notepad and pen are for.  I would have been happier if I received feminine instead of facial wipes and something salty to curb those chips cravings. What would definitely blow me away is if the box actually had ice cream in it! Don't you agree?


Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I received a free box in exchange for my honest review. 

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