Roastmaster Reserve: Roasted for Me

Sipping a cup of coffee is best when it is freshly roasted in limited batches from premier growing coffee farms around the world. Time to self-indulge while learning about Roastmaster Reserve's rare coffee in recyclable pods.

k cups

Pods vs. K Cups
When choosing a brewing machine, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. K Cups are slightly taller than coffee pods so if you end up buying the wrong machine, like I did (and eventually causing much delay in writing this review), the K Cup doesn't fit in the machine's brewing chamber. 

According to, a pod is coffee or tea that is sealed inside filter paper. They have a round, flat shape and are usually soft and pliable. A K Cup is is coffee or tea that is sealed in some kind of cartridge, generally a plastic cup.

With Roastmaster Reserve, I'm not creating more waste since the coffee is sealed in recyclable pods in the shape of a K Cup. I'm doing good for the environment one sip at a time.

rare coffee

Do you like it strong or light? 
Based on your personal preference, you can make a stronger cup by adjusting how much water you pour into the machine. I first overflowed my machine making my first cup too watery for my taste. I have so many misadventures even when reviewing products!

What I love about the Roastmaster Reserve is that the coffee is carefully sourced from premier growing regions and roasted only in limited batches. Its first batch is from Uganda's highest grade of arabica, which is grown on the high on the slopes of Mt. Elgon at an elevation of 5,400 to 7,200 ft. This coffee is grown by a group of small farm holders within the region.

And yes, because it is easy to pop in a Roastmaster Reserve pod in the brewing machine, I have more playtime with my pup.

*I received complimentary Roastmaster Reserve, Tejave and Mauds K cups from Intelligent Blends in exchange for a honest review. 

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