Croatia's Best: Fortress Dining

The town of Sibenik in Croatia is unknown to many. To unfamiliar tourists driving through the Balkans, this town is probably the best pitstop to go on a day trip to nearby Krka National Park. However, a true gem actually resides in the center of the town. Having been blessed as the best restaurant in the country, one Michelin-star Pelegrini is a jewel of Croatia. 

White polenta takes the center stage with sage
Situated across the cathedral of St. James, Pelegrini boasts a unique dining experience inside a fortress with fresh Baltic seafood ever-present on the menu. When green windows and small alleyways wear you out after a few hours of walking on cobbled stones, Pelegrini is the right choice to chill for al fresco dining in the middle of the day. Yes, it does get hot in this part of town but our server ensured us that our already sun-drenched skin will be hidden under the shade with a breeze of fresh air. 

Dining right beside the historic St. James Cathedral 
Pelegrini's food might not be as avant-garde as other Michelin establishments, but their cuisine creates a hint of familiarity and surprise all at the same time. On the top of my favorite list is our deep fried cuttlefish on a bed of mustard as well as the oysters. 

So much surprise in this deep fried cuttlefish. 

Another surprise explosion on top of fresh oysters.
What really sets them apart is their excellent customer service with servers who explain in depth each creation the chefs have made and even gave us extra tips on places to see and do around Sibenik. They also get triple beanie points for having servers who actually take great photos of their patrons.

Ribs so soft and tender.
Prosciutto with spinach.  
They do a lot of surprises. This was the surprise dessert of the day. 
Simple yet refreshing olive oil panna cota. 

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