Step Into Modern Renaissance at Ottantotto Firenze

After a short 20 minute walk from the Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station, I found myself in front of a smart lock entrance with a small sign for the boutique hotel, Ottantotto Firenze, in Florence. Checking in was a breeze in their quaint living room with the help of Linda, the receptionist, who also pinpointed some local hotspots in the Oltrarno neighborhood and beyond.

History is deeply ingrained in Ottantotto's building that took a few years to be renovated before they opened their doors as Ottantotto Firenze last January 2018. Previously, it was a mill, shop and home of a baker and then later became an aristocratic home. Tuscan architecture and furnishings abound once you step in the entrance to the living room with a must-not-miss statement sofa and a 16th-century fireplace and into the upstairs bedroom suites. While doing so just like in any Italian historic building, be careful of their Italian-sized elevator.

Accented with green and red colors, the interiors throughout the building are reminiscent of the Renaissance era that will surely scintillate the senses of any architecture or historical geek. Our suite is thoughtfully decorated with wooden chairs and a study table that reflect Tuscan design mixed with modern plush bedding and an over-the-tub bathroom rain shower head. Particularly, I was amazed by the unique headboard (as seen on the photo below) made out of Tuscan-patterned cement.

tuscan design
Slept like a baby on this bed.
A rare peek-a-boo window to the garden also added a unique touch, which reminded me of a little girl discovering a secret garden. Best of all, I loved the made in Italy, honey-scented toiletries since it didn't dry out my skin and hair.

tuscan hotel
Our extra, third bed with the smaller peek-a-boo window on the right side.
beeswax extract
Beeswax extract shampoo, conditioner, and lotion that provided much needed moisturizing for Florence's fall weather.
True to its boutique experience, Ottantotto serves high quality Italian and American breakfast - a combination of Italian cakes, breads, cheese, fresh fruits, yogurt, juice and eggs. On our first day, we were able to savor our breakfast with a fresh cup of cappuccino outside the peaceful garden. Tip: Try the breadstick and yogurt. 

Freshly-made cappuccino with Italian pastries in the background to start off the day. 
Because there are only a few suites at Ottantotto, customer service is highly catered to guests' experience. On our last day, we were provided a breakfast-to-go bag since we were checking out early in the morning before breakfast service began.

With Ottantotto Firenze's rustic yet contemporary feel, I was transported back to what was then an Italian aristocratic home and still able to indulge in modern amenities that I crave for as a weary traveler.

Disclaimer: I received a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review of Ottantotto Firenze.  

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