Tips for Packing for a Cross Country Move to Calgary

Have you ever wondered what it takes to move from a big city to a fast-growing city like Calgary? You're going to need to make a lot of plans and stick to them. Packing for a cross country move alone is a huge feat if you've got a whole household to pack, and it's not much simpler if all you have is a small apartment.

Make a Plan
To ensure you pack everything up before your move, in a way that doesn't impede your day-to-day life, you'll need a schedule. Beyond that, you'll need plans and backups for moving day to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  • Timelines: Know when your real estate deal closes and when you need to move out of your current place and into your new place.
  • Back-Up Options: Where will you keep your stuff if the unexpected happens? Is there an alternative moving company you could call? Do you have friends and family that could help with your move?
  • Have a Box of Essentials on Hand: When moving day comes, have a small box of things you'll want to keep with you. This should contain copies of important documents, keys, first aid, chargers, and other day-to-day items.
  • Make Plans for Your Pets: The stress of moving can be hard on pets. It may be worth it to hire a sitter or have them stay with friends and family on moving day or overnight so you have time to get settled.

Make Sure Everything is Easy to Handle

Even though a city like Calgary may not be as crowded as Toronto or New York, a moving truck or two may still find some places tough to park. Even in an urban or rural area, you'll want to get your things off the trucks and into your place as soon as possible.

  • Not Everything Needs a Box: Some objects will do just fine in bags, like winter clothes in summer or towels.
  • What will Your Moving Company Allow?: Not all moving companies will deal with antique furniture, instruments, or animals.
  • Use the Containers You Have on Hand: Have an empty suitcase? Use it to pack books or other hard to handle or heavy items.
  • Make Copies for Movers: You may have the address of your new piece of Calgary real estate memorized, but you want to make sure your movers don't have to. To ensure the trip goes smoothly, create a reference document with your name, number, and new address.

Label Everything
  • Sort By Room Over Contents (For example, "Kitchen" on top in bold lettering, with the specific contents of that box written underneath.)
  • Color Code by Room
  • Put Essentials in the Truck Last

Pay Attention to Your Boxes
  • Cut Handles
  • Use Tape over Interlocking Tops
  • Pick Up a Wardrobe Box – These specialty boxes allow you to pack your clothes on hangers. This can cut down on packing and unpacking time.
  • Throw Out Any Used Boxes with Damage – Most people will move more than once. Depending on how long it's been since your last move, those same boxes may not hold up today.

Keep an Eye on the Weather
Last but not least, you want to plan to move on a nice, clear day when possible. No snow or rain the day before or after and no wind. If you do have to move in the rain, plan for everything to take much longer than it otherwise would.

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