Travel Hack That Works!

UPDATED APRIL 2022: You don't need to be a travel influencer/media in order to get free stays at your chosen hotels. I traveled to Morocco a few months ago. In that 11-night trip, I was able to get free 6 night stays because of the travel hack below (and additional 2 night from a media collaboration using my media template, which is only relevant if you have a travel portfolio, e.g. written articles, travel vlogs, etc. and/or media kit readily available).
Found Le Berbere Palace, Ouarzazate's most luxurious hotel, in Luxury Escapes.
1. Sign up on Luxury Escapes and get $50 on your next booking. They have the highest referral incentive I've seen in the hospitality space. Through Luxury Escapes, you can redeem hotels and travel packages.

2. Not only do you share your referral code/link to your friends/family, but also you must do an extra step, which is to add your own referral code to coupon sharing sites, such as,, etc. By not skipping this step, I was able to accumulate $500+ Luxury Escapes credits from just referrals in less than a year.

I've used the same steps for Hipcamp (sign up here and get $10 off on your next booking) for my glamping escapades. Since Hipcamp only offers $10 as a referral incentive, it takes more time to accumulate credits, and I've had some misadventures booking tiny homes in their site.

If you know of any other travel sites that have a high referral incentive, please let me know! You're welcome.
Worked from home at Riad Faraj in Marrakech also booked through Luxury Escapes.

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