On the Move @ Mazza, Salt Lake City

Since I just came back from my gastronomy trip in Turkey before heading out to Utah (such a change of scene!), I can say that the food my fellow food blogger, Sourabh, and I had at Mazza was worth every penny.

Bambara was my first pick for a late lunch, but they were closed. So after a few minutes drive, we arrived at Mazza hungry and thirsty from the humid Salt Lake City weather.

Is this the loobia? I forget. But it was really good!

What we do best- photo first then eat

My very filling chicken shawarma. This is actually better than the one I got in Istanbul!

Samantha's Special: Cream and rice flour pudding cooked with orange liqueur and topped with fig and apricot compote. I don't know who Samantha is but this was indeed very unique and special. A good way to cleanse the palette.
The best or, errr, the worst thing about dining with a sweet tooth is that we always ended up ordering more desserts than we can handle. Aside from the Samantha's Special, we devoured a baklava finger and also took home two of the same fingers and another two traditional baklavas! That's just how we roll...

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