On the Move @ Wing Wings

My favorite part of the chicken is the wings. Hence, it is not really surprising that I was so intrigued when a little shop called Wing Wings opened in the Lower Haight last year. Although to my dismay, I never make my way to the Haight area until one chilly night post-midnight snack hour. I immediately noticed Wing Wings even though someone was dragging me to the club beside it. Suffice to say, I also dragged my friend to Wing Wings after entering and then exiting the club one minute later. That's how hungry I was.

Wing Wings serves fresh fried chicken wings. Doh! You can then select different sauces - the Angry Korean sounded most intriguing to me though the cashier couldn't explain very well what the ingredients are. A blend of kimchi and what?

Overall, Wing Wings is a good late-night food option. I just wished they delivered to my hood so I don't have to make the trek to the Lower Haight. 

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