Eating My Way Through Macau Part 2: Tim's Kitchen

During my recent gastronomic adventures, a friend asked me the relevance of a Michelin star since for him it is just a term from the Michelin tires. Well, those who make it as a Michelin inspector go through a thorough selection process, months of training before becoming a professional food connoisseur. It is a highly competitive field- one that requires a HRM degree. I guess I took the wrong degree afterall, but I digress. For sure, ordinary restaurant goers can influence an establishment's popularity through, for example, reviews on Yelp, but you can't ignore a Michelin rated restaurant.  

Back to regular programming... Tim's Kitchen is located in the somewhat dilapidated Hotel Lisboa on the old side of Macau. I've heard about their highly regarded reputation in Hong Kong so I decided to make my way to their outpost in Macau. Since I knew the location was not the best in town, I already prepared my list of things to eat at Tim's, specifically their signature dishes, the crystal prawn and snake soup (yes, made of real snake!). 

I have to commend the waitstaff. For the first time ever, I had one big dining table all to myself. Actually, I had one big private room all to myself with two empty tables! Although it was a bit awkward sitting alone in a big room, the staff was very courteous, and somehow I got the feeling that they have served many food reviewers because I got 'special' treatment from ordering off the menu to ushering me to the bathroom after my meal :) 

I just wished I went with a bigger group of eating buddies so I could order more food. But so far, everything I ordered were of top quality. Tim's might not be located in the best hotel in Macau, but the food exudes meticulous Chinese style of cooking.

100 yr old egg with ginger and sugar. Sounds weird at first but the flavors all blended well.

The window view of my private room.

Grand Lisboa across the Hotel Lisboa is the only complex in the world that houses not only one but three Michelin starred restaurants!

Crystal king prawn with ham, which I didn't eat. Expensive prawn but so succulent and unique- it is not like any other prawn I've tasted before.

Enjoyed this snake soup with crunchy wontons. Reminds me of Chinese sweet and sour soup.
I was torn between ordering noodles or fried rice because I needed some carbo. I ended up with these noodles with crab meat. The noodles and crab meat sauce are served separately so you can drown as much noodles as you want or eat it crunchy.

Crispy noodles with crab meat sauce.

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