On the Move @ 99 Chicken, Santa Clara

It is very rare for me to be stuck in the South Bay during wee hours. But during one particular night after a concert at the HP Pavilion, my tummy was grumbling, and thus the urge to finally go to 99 Chicken to get some late night grub in the form of fried chicken! Rejoice!

99 Chicken is a mom-and-pop shop on El Camino near Santa Clara University. When I was there on a weekday, I can tell that most of the dining patrons were students on a cheap budget. Their menu is simple- for dine-in only, you can get unlimited salad and white rice. Order a plateful (10 chicken pieces) of chicken, and it comes out piping hot from the fryer.

My dining mate and I ordered the traditional fried chicken with no sauce but it turned out pretty good with the spicy ketchup. You can't really go wrong with fried chicken!

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