On the Move @ Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

One can't leave New Orleans without stopping by Cafe du Monde -so says everyone I know. Sure enough, the cafe was swarmed with patrons during breakfast time even though they only serve (basic) beignets and coffee. There was a long line that covered the whole block! Good thing I saw a shorter line at the back for pick-up and ended up waiting for less than 5 minutes to get my hands on the famous beignets.

The French choux came piping hot, but to my dismay, I found the beignets heavily sprinkled with powdered sugar too simple. The thought of chewing unhealthy deep fried dough didn't help either. Other forms of beignets containing fruits, meat or vegetables would have been more interesting. In order to compensate my disappointment, I recharged myself with Cafe du Monde's frozen coffee, crushed ice with coffee and chicory blend perfect for the sweltering Louisiana weather.

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