On the Move @ D'Talipapa, Boracay

The original D'Talipapa a.k.a. wet market is really the place-to-be in Boracay if you are looking for fresh and (not so expensive) fresh seafood. There are also many stores nearby that will cook your food the way you want it- grilled, buttered, seared, etc. They can even make sinigang soup!

I just left it to my mum who is an expert in haggling at Carbon wet market in Cebu to buy the seafood I wanted at the D'Talipapa because mothers know best :) 

Tip: If you are in a hurry, go to the side streets, and there are many cooks waiting for your fresh seafood to be made into something delicious. 

Buttered prawn

Sizzling squid
Seared blue marlin

Fresh prawn that became the butter prawns above

Speaking Bisaya to the vendors actually help in haggling.

The crabs which we didn't get.

Sea shell sea shell on the sea shore. Good for sinigang soup.

A fish waiting to be bought.

The squid that became the sizzling squid above.

Cutting the blue marlin.

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