Food Styling 201: The Rule of Thirds

If you've taken any composition class in photography, film, design, etc., the Rule of Thirds is not new to you. Also commonly called as the Rule of Odds or the Rule of Thumb, the Rule of Thirds is essential in making your subjects more interesting and, at times, more dramatic. In food photography, it is becomes easier to create a shot of multiple objects on the same plane when the focus is on the middle object. Below are some examples:

To spice up what could have been a boring shot of one macaron on the middle of a white background (think of that stranger who takes a photo of you while traveling solo and it turns out to be so bland!), I added two more macarons in different colors in a remekin to gain some depth.

Did you count how many bars there are? 5 = an odd number. Putting an imaginary tic-tac-toe grid also reveals that the points to focus on are on the (left) intersections. 

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