Fresh Off the Press: Fizzleblitz

Fizzleblitz sparkling fruit juice tea is another new entrant to the already overcrowded beverage market. Launched just last month, Fizzleblitz is distributed in Massachusetts only as of writing.

Fizzle or Sizzle
A few weeks ago, I received free samples of its three flavored carbonated juices. I shared the experience with multiple individuals in different occasions. Unfortunately, none of the flavors stood out for me or for my dining buddies.

Fizzleblitz's key differentiating factor is yerba mate, commonly grown in South America and known as a coffee substitute with benefits of tea, as an ingredient. However after taste-testing three flavors (1) Raspberry Lime, (2) Passion Fruit and (3) Blueberry Pomegranate, the high sugar content (35 to 40g) overpowered what should have been a distinctive, acquired taste of yerba mate.

At $3 a pop, Fizzleblitz will have to fight an uphill battle against more established players. Evidently, its performance on Kickstarter with only 0.8% pledged out of $30k goal signals the demand or lack thereof.

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