Food is a Luxury@ State Bird Provisions, San Francisco

State Bird Provisions need no introduction. If you ask any SF foodie, most likely they will have this establishment as one of the restaurants to try. Unsurprisingly, it landed its first one-star Michelin a few months ago. 

As everyone knows, the wait here is long if you can't grab an online restaurant reservations. My dining partner and I listed our names around 5:30 pm and got an 8:45 pm seating. We were definitely starving, but thank goodness for nearby hangouts, such as The Social Study and that cute Korean cafe by Japantown, wherein we passed by the hours and ate a few desserts before our main meal. 

Tip: Tell them your dietary preference before getting seated. Even though most of their dishes have some sort of meat or seafood, they can prepare some for vegetarians. The star of the show is, of course, the state bird with provisions so be wary to bring in vegetarian friends here.
State bird provisions. Not the best bird...
We luckily got seated at the bar wherein we saw the chefs prepare some of the small plates and pancakes. I was able to stop the servers pushing the big dimsum carts as well before serving to the masses. Ha!
The dimsum cart
 So was the more than 3 hour wait worth it? Probably not. I got a bit dizzy from eating way pass my dinner time, but if you have guests in town who specifically request to go to State Bird then be prepared to get in line before they open at 5:30 pm and chill in the vicinity.

Tip #2: A couple came in around quarter to 9 pm and got seating at 9:30 pm. If you're a late eater, going in later might be a better option.    

Oyster with kimchi. Gulp!

Salmon tartare with sesame.

Lamb dumpling

I forget what this is but it was my buddy's vegetarian dish.
Small pancakes with fennel


Pomegranate and lime granita. Palette cleanser of the night.

I got fussy and asked for no strawberries on my ice cream sandwich so they gave me this instead :)
Must get more oysters next time!
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