On the Move @ Pabu, San Francisco

After my adventure at Kusakabe and Sushi Sam's Edomata, my fascination with fatty tuna continues at Pabu in the Financial District.

Pabu's izakaya menu, which I opted for instead of the chef's omakase meal, offered a different take of robatayaki, such as the chicken meatball skewers that I was able to dip in egg yolk. Gooey, juicy and savory all at the same time.

Chicken meatball with egg yolk
Be prepared to listen to the waitstaff's long explanation about the menu. Because of the array of izakaya choices and the long list on the omakase/chef's tasting menu, it took awhile before my dining buddies and I were able to decided what to order. I also made the mistake of ordering fatty tuna as a sushi rather than in sashimi form. I was not able to taste the tuna in larger chunks and quickly got filled up because of the sushi rice :(

Cocktails at Pabu while waiting for my dining buddies
Tip: There is a separate bar area where they serve signature and whiskey cocktails that will surely tickle your senses, especially after a hard day's work. I was particularly hooked on the Citrus cocktail with a kick of lavender-wasabi salt plus fresh grapefruit. There goes my fruit intake of the day.

... Now back to dreaming about fatty tuna. Itadakimasu!

My friend's fresh sashimi

Roll #1

Monterey Squid Okonomiyaki
I wasn't able to try this because it has meat in it but my friends loved this okonomiyaki with pork belly!

Simple sushi with fatty tuna.

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