My New Book Project

It's already the first of February! How times flies. I'm busying myself with the upcoming launch of a book I'm co-authoring. After that's launched, I will be resuming focus on my long time book/food memoir project, which will be a first for me as a solo author, temporarily entitled The Girl Who Could Eat Everything. This year, I will be blogging the makings of book, which started 3 years ago. Here's a snippet of the chapter on Anatomy of the Momos: 

Bright lights caught my left eye. Intrigued, I went inside a small door. I found myself in a garden restaurant. A few small tables and chairs painted in white on a quaint garden. A lone patron was reading a novel in the dimly lit garden. 
Skimming through the menu, I ordered the Nepalese chicken dumplings or momos, a must eat in Nepal according to my research, a small noodle soup and one liter of bottled water. A few minutes later, eight steamed dumplings encircling a small cup of sauce were presented on a dark green plate. It looked exactly like a Chinese dumpling without the wooden steamer although drier. Unappetizing.
With a little help of the garlic chili sauce, the momos became divine- chewey minced chicken with a strong burst of cilantro and garlic. I can get used to this. Looking at the faint lights of the quaint garden, I started to ponder what my life would be in Kathmandu for the next several months. My chaotic day suddenly was not chaotic anymore as I quietly finished my momos and soup in peace. My three-month adventure, or shall I say misadventure, is about to begin.

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