Best Brunches Outside of San Francisco

Let's face it. Waiting to brunch in San Francisco amidst long lines and the usual chilly weather sometimes doesn't end well. 

Fret no more. Hop in a car and drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city to get high quality, home-made brunch. For many spots, you can even sit outside under the warm sun without freezing. 

Top 4: Alana's Cafe, Redwood City
Alana's Cafe in downtown Redwood City is a different experience in itself. The lush garden patio and bright yellow house remind me of New Orleans for some reason. Children frolic in the garden, while the adults sip their fresh lemonade and slowly finish their huevos rancheros.  The waitstaff checks up on you from time to time but never rushes you to pick up the tab and leave.

Top 3: Johnston's Saltbox, San Carlos 
In a town where most city folks would just pass by driving south to the more popular Palo Alto, Johnston's Saltbox surprisingly has an urban vibe in a low key neighborhood. You can't go wrong with their fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw. 

Top 2: Brown Sugar Kitchen, Oakland
Brown Sugar Kitchen is not located in the best hood ever, but you park at their lot and walk in to the restaurant to eagerly await for your chicken and waffles. Don't expect to roam around the block while waiting. You might even have to wait an hour or so, but the price and quality of the food are worth it. Trust me on this. 

Even this little boy agrees with me. 
Top 1: The Naked Pig, Santa Rosa
And my top brunch choice goes to The Naked Pig. You're probably asking, "Where is Santa Rosa?" I, for sure, didn't know until my friend recommended that we stop here on our way back to San Francisco from Windsor. 

The Naked Pig, situated in what appears to be a gas station, is a local gem serving farm-to-table food and has suddenly knocked down Brown Sugar Kitchen for the best waffles ever according to yours truly, a certified waffle snob. The melt-in-your mouth whiskey caramel wafflelette is a home run! And our group of 5 had to get another serving of it. Their frittata, open faced mushroom sandwich, tostadas and eggs all scored well above my expectation. You now know where I will be spending my brunch weekends at. In Santa Rosa. 
Whiskey caramel waffles - omy goodness!
Had to give my sliced ham to my dining buddy. But don't be deceived by this simple platter.
Crispy tostadas. Nom nom nom.
1+ hour away from SF is THE best brunch in the Bay Area. It is called The Naked Pig.

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