Gastronomic Travels: Wedgewood, Edinburgh 2 of 4

My second pitstop in my 48 hours in Edinburgh took me to the award-winning Wedgewood the Restaurant on Royal Mile. Don't be fooled by the unassuming front facade because a lunch at this establishment can take a good hour or so to get through a 2-course meal prepared with seasonal Scottish produce. I was also grateful that I was able to stay away from the non-stop rain, which I gathered is a typical summer for this town. Ugh. 

When I was young, I was fond of crunchy icing that usually came in a long stick. I didn't know what it was called then. At the Wedgewood, I finally found it again. I gleefully ate it like my 5-year old self and also discovered the sweet cicely, an herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the family Apiaceae according to Wikipedia. 

Sweet cicely will be on the coffetable book
I learn a lot of new things, especially local ingredients, when I travel, don't you? The reason why I launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the research of my first coffeetable book about exotic, healthy foods you've probably never heard of. I'd greatly appreciate it if you can support me here.

Sweet cicely ice cream, chocolate malt and pistachio
Coley, anyone? 
Another educational moment was trying my first coley, a fish similar to cod. If I had a blind taste-test, I wouldn't be able to figure out the difference between a coley and a cod. Both have a soft texture. I would have preferred to get more meatier langoustines in my dish, but the light flavors blended well enough.
Pan roasted coley, langoustine and clam bisque, sea vegetables, baby potatoes
Perfect lunch stop while preparing for my onward journey to the Carlton Hill.
What's a hairy coo? 
Since we are on the topic of education, the other reason why I ventured out to this part of the world is to see hairy coos, a fancier name for Scottish cattles, up close and personal besides from the Scottish gastronomic fare. And boy, did I get my wish granted coupled with a hairy coo's horn slapping my dearest cheekbones. Thou shall not selfie with a hairy coo! Lesson learned. Til the next (mis)adventure!
Hairy coo meet and greet.

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