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When I researched about cities in the UK I can spend 48 hours in, I found out that Edinburgh has 5 Michelin stars for a small city of about 500,000 inhabitants. This city is a food mecca despite the cloudy and rainy summer season they have.

One of my pitstops was The Kitchin, a Michelin one-star awardee. Nature to plate is the order at The Kitchin, Leith. Although I had difficultly locating the front entrance, which is on the opposite side of Commercial Street, I had an easy time observing the patrons and gawking at my well-presented dishes. 

I particularly loved the pinks and oranges of the gooseberry and yoghurt panna cotta. It was so pretty, alright, that I had second thoughts of not eating it. But then again, the sorbet started to melt. Ack! A light and refreshing end to a somewhat heavy meal.   

Tip: I was so envious of my neighbor who ordered a dish of scallops that came with a dramatic entrance due to its large shell. That is a must order.  
Konckraich Farm yogurt panna cotta served with Perthshire gooseberry sorbet and an elderflower and gooseberry consomme
They give you a map of where they source the ingredients from.
Seafood delight with black squid ink. Fresh, fresh, fresh!
Melt in your mouth monkfish. Fresh ingredients, including edible flowers, do make a ton of difference.

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