Gastronomic Travels: Number One at Balmoral, Edinburgh 3 of 4

Balmoral smoked salmon: lemon butter, quail eggs, caviar.
I'm fond of restaurants that have a meaningful name. Having held a Michelin Star for 12 consecutive years, Number One definitely falls under that category. However, is it really THE number one? I've had more magical experiences at other Michelin star restaurants, but no one can deny that the level of service and culinary offerings at the Number One are top notch.

Even though I wore my bright orange sneakers that wasn't fit for its upscale ambiance, the host was very gracious in ushering me to my table (and later on to the restroom) and making me comfortable. Because I was the only solo diner, not one but two wait staff were always at my beckon and answering all my questions about the food.

My attentive wait staff
Gastronomy is a marathon affair
I picked the 4-course dinner, but later realized that I should have chosen 3 instead. The creamy Scottish smoked salmon with quail that popped in my mouth was a wonderful appetizer to kick off the meal. I was proud that I left my second dish, a light John Dory fish, spanking clean. However by my third dish, a lean duck from the Gartmon farm, I was having a hard time finishing my heavy protein.

Practicing a technique I've mastered over the years as a food blogger, I slowed down, rested, ordered multiple cups of hot water with lemon and cleansed my palette using the roasted apricots.  The marathon eater in me never gave up. And yes, dessert was also served in a form of strawberry souffle (not shown in photos), which was a perfect ending to my Number One experience.

John Dory: confit funnel, brown shrimp, dill

Gartmorn Farm Duck: roast apricot, almond, all spice
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