Sizzling SF Street Food Festival 2015

San Francisco finally got a real summer last weekend when temperatures soared to the 80s but is now back to typical high 60s to 70s. I'm not complaining though. The annual SF Street Food Festival was timed on the same weekend with its new location at Pier 70. Those who are sun worshipers can suntan outdoors, while those who would rather shield themselves from the sun rays can enjoy the airy warehouse building.  
Perfect venue at Pier 70. Finding parking wasn't too bad.
Have a fascination with rusty warehouses.
Local restaurateurs and familiar food trucks descended in this dogpatch neighborhood.  I was able to try many delicacies that I would have otherwise not ordered when I'm eating at these restaurants. I heard that on the first day, Saturday, the lines were crazy. However, I got here in time around 12 noon on Sunday without having to wait too long for my grub.
Lechon! Umm.. I mean roasted calf. This greeted me upon entering the main entrance.
Some of my go-to restos in San Francisco.
My new discovery, Girl Friday Zeppole. I later quenched my thirst with their heavenly lavender lemonade.
Got to try the savory zeppole for the first time. These are Italian fried doughnut balls. Sinful yet delectable.
Interesting take on a vegetarian taco with hibiscus that looked like shredded carnitas.
Pork belly on display. For my eyes only.
Can't go wrong with fried doughnut.
Bonito flakes danced around on this savory okonomiyaki.
Don't know which booth my friend got this from. Mango sticky rice cotton candy. Yum!
These avocado french fries from Nombe tasted odd to me but my eating buddies loved it.
Looking forward to next year's food festival. Hopefully, we'll get the same glorious weather!

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