From Belgian to French

I'm on a roll on newbie European restaurants in San Francisco probably because I've been prepping for my trip back to the region. Right off the heels of Belga comes Sous Beurre Kitchen, a Southern French Provincial restaurant tucked in the Mission.  A combination of meats and fish abound on their menu so get ready to be stuffed! What I loved the most and what came highly recommended by our server was their version of the fondant potatoes. 

I came in with my friend from the South Bay and had no problem getting seated. However, I also saw many solo diners that night so I'm guessing that this is a good place to have some quiet time for yourself while sipping a glass of wine. We skipped their dessert and opted to walk over the nearby Humphry's. There will be a next time for their passion fruit cake with fromage blanc ice cream.

Tip: Prices on their menu include tip. 
Slow seared duck breast with brussels sprouts, cauliflower, baby carrots and preserved sweet limes. Duck breast can sometimes be very tough like what I experienced at Walter Hansel in Russian River Valley, but the shredded version (can't be seen on photo) was juicier and more fun to eat.
Grilled bavette steak with peperonata, onion frite, fava leaf purèe and tomato gastrique. Lovely presentation!

Pan seared halibut with oyster-fennel soubise, heirloom tomato, picholine olives, cured anchovies, and micro spicy basil. The anchovies made this a bit salty for my taste but the fish was soft and tender.

Fondant potatoes with raclette, lobster mushrooms, lamb ‘pancetta’ and leeks. Couldn't really tell where the pancetta was but the dish was very flavorful.

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