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Whether you're running social media accounts for fun or marketing your business, there will come a time when you become stuck. You've exhausted your friends and family list and now only a few followers trickle in per day, and your number of unfollowers in a given month is even higher. You've thought about who your audience is and what your niche should be, but still, that is not enough. 

You don't have a dime to spend on a social media manager or social media management tools that promise you double or even triple the growth of your followers. This takes a toll on you and your accounts as you bury yourself with more important full-time work instead of worrying so much about a number of followers. If this has happened to you, you probably had the inclination to abandon ship and hope against hope that you will get noticed with whatever content you share regardless of the effort that you put on it. This has been the dilemma I've seen especially for those who have not built an online marketing reputation (because you didn't really have to previously) or traditional small-medium business owners, specifically in non-tech industries or those not targeting millennials or Generation Z. 

The key solution to this problem is automation. Like in everything we've seen in finance, HR, customer support or any back-end support work that used to require heavy manual labor, you can ease the stress you get from managing multiple social media accounts with automation tools. Thank goodness for this day and age, there are some that are readily available for free.  

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