How to Overcome Blogger Burnout

blogger burnout
What's next for a food blogger?
After 6 years into blogging, you come to a point where your readership has declined. What used to be an easy 10k+ views per month has been slashed down to more than half. You ask, 'what am I doing wrong?'

The worst thing you can do is to Google answers. Search results will show that some bloggers have grown thousands of followers in just less than a few months. Worse, you see an ebook entitled 'How a blogger earned $40k in her first year of blogging'. You start to panic why you haven't gotten those kind of numbers even after many years of consistently posting content.

What used to be a diversion and a simple, fun hobby has turned into a nightmare. Everyday, you obsessively check your Adsense, but only pennies trickle in per day. Sometimes, even zero. Your affiliates are only giving you a few cents a month. Your daily number of new social followers has stalled. Now what? Is this the end of the blogging road? 

Something has got to give. And that includes these four major overhauls:
1. Write longer blog posts, such as How To articles and listicles, that tend to have more SEO keywords and thus more points from Google. 
2. Dominate a social channel that was ignored before. For many bloggers, that means using Pinterest effectively. The longer the image, the more it attracts users to click your photo. 
3. Clean up the Instagram timeline. Many food bloggers I admire are those with amazing, bright food photos. You know they are not totting around their iPhones to get the best gastronomic shots. When it comes to food photography, iPhone photos do not really do justice, especially in low-lit restaurants. 
4. Join Facebook blogging groups and read other bloggers' tips religiously. This has been my inspiration for writing this post, but beware of comparing yourself to popular bloggers.

In order to help you achieve all these changes and more, take advantage of all these FREE apps:
- Latergramme: Use your DSLR photos that have been stuck on your desktop. Once you schedule these images on Latergramme's website, it shows up on the mobile app, which you can easily share on Instagram.
- Grama: now that you have better Instagram photos to share, it's time to amp up and discover new hashtags. Grama is a hashtag creator that you can copy/paste based on your keyword.
- Typorama: create Pinterest-friendly long, vertical images with text to get higher conversion. It also has free stock photos you can use from Pixabay. 

Get out of the blogging rut and try the overhauls above! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave it on the comment box.

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  1. These are great tips! Very helpful when everything is getting overwhelmed and just starting out! I've recently started by blog, but I'm feeling a little burned out!

    1. Keep at it, Brittany! There are many tools now that automate many processes compared to way back when I started blogging.

  2. maybe do other foodie topics like interview with chefs or behind the scenes in the kitchen..???

  3. I hadn't even heard of LaterGramme, I will be checking that out now, sounds great! :)

  4. Hi Christine, thanks so much for including Latergramme in your roundup! That's so great - we love getting feedback from our community.

    To get the latest tips & inspiration from visual creatives, you should join our FB community:


  5. I have been looking for awhile on a tool that can let me instagram my photos stuck on my desktop. Loving Latergramme for that functionality!

  6. Hi Christine! Thanks so much for sharing the #laterlove! We really appreciate hearing from our community members, especially bloggers who create so much content.

    You should join our FB community where we connect visual creatives:

    Stephanie | Latergramme Community Manager