Food Trend: Poke Invasion Alert

Poke bars are all the rave in San Francisco Bay Area right now. If you haven't tried one, think of it as a Chipotle bowl but with slices of raw fish. You line up to pick your fish, carbs, sauce and then vegetables. 

I've been a big fan of poke bowls, especially the ahi tuna bowl from Sammy's Aloha, because they are flavorful, healthy and delicious- no oil, black rice, which no other poke bowl shops I've been to serve, fish roe, and a dose of avocadoes, cucumbers and radish. Sammy's doesn't entirely operate on the Chipotle model, but the flavors of the ingredients are always consistent. 

poke bowl
Black rice with huge chunks of avocadoes in my ahi tuna bowl from Sammy's Aloha
Evidently when I searched for 'poki' on Yelp, three opened within the past few weeks all over the Bay Area. I would also add (but forget the name) of the new poke shop beside B. Patisserie. If you know what I'm talking about, please comment below. This trend reminds me of the time when every street corner had a new bubble tea, soft-serve ice cream, and much more recently, cold-pressed juice store.  

Screenshot from Yelp
Presenting my bowl from Poki Time in the Sunset... I had a hard time eating this since the box was overflowing by the time I got to the cashier. In fact, I was looking at most of the take-out customers, and they all had a common problem- closing the box without spilling anything. 
The mangoes actually complement the entire bowl full of brown rice, salmon, edamame, seaweed salad. 
A few weeks ago, as I was strolling along... scratch that... as I was hunting down food for lunch on Castro Street in Mountain View, I passed by a low-key grocery store that had a poke bowl counter beside the cashier lane called Poke Bar
My tummy was not satisfied since I chose the lighter version with salad instead of rice. Lesson learned.
Obviously if you're not into fresh fish, you'll not like poke bowls. But since you read my post all the way down here, I assume that you have an inclination to check out the nearest poke shop. If you do, please let me know which one by commenting down below. Happy poke hunting! 
It's poke time!

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